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2018 RECAP

It is tradition that at the end of the year each year we formulate what we call #NewYearResolution. Personally, there is nothing I would like to change about myself or my brand because it defines who I am as of now and how my brand has expanded. Instead I want to use this time to reflect on the amazing things that happened in the year 2018.

2018 Recap

2018 Definitely brought a lot of accomplishments to the forefront both personally as well as for my brand. Here are a few highlights. Be sure to click the respected links for more.


I started the year off 6 months into my #pregnancy anticipating #babygirl's arrival.


I debuted my #babybump to the world.


We hosted our #babyshower.


I celebrated the #birth of our princess as well as my 7 year relationship and 6 year #weddinganniversary with the love of my life.


I enjoyed my first mother's day.


I announced my Treasure Coast International Fashion Week.


We celebrated my husband's birthday and I got word that I was selected as an Official Delegate for the #MissFloridaUSA pageant on 4th of July. A few days later I received an inquiry regarding participating in the #MsFloridaInternational pageant. Not long after I caught wind that I was selected as an Official Delegate for the #MsFlorida Pageant. Left with a tough decision I decided to move forward with the #MsFlorida Pageant as your #MsTreasureCoast title holder.


Myself on behalf of my brand sponsored a young lady in the #MissMaroonTown pageant. I received countless #pressfeatures in Mckoy's News prior to and after this event.


I celebrated my Bri Slay. I was featured in #VoyageMIA adding to my list of press features.


I introduced Classify Beauty Lab offering hairstyling, makeup application, and fashion styling services.

I launched my Classify Beauty Crown custom wig units.

I also expressed plans for launching Classify Beauty Closet (a clothing line) and Classify Beauty Cosmetics (a cosmetic line).


I launched Classify Beauty Merch featuring a series of brand merchandise I designed.


We enjoyed #babygirl's first #Christmas. I also completed my 12 days of #blogmas which led to my #Podcast Announcement.

I must say that I am super proud of all my accomplishments and I look forward to whats next. With that being said, stay tuned for my new years blog post which will give a preview of what to expect from my brand for the year 2019. Thank you all for your continues support now and in the future. I appreciate you all. Be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms using the icons in the footer.


Custom Wig: Classify Beauty

Hairstylist (Wig Installation and Styling): Classify Beauty

Makeup Artist: Classify Beauty

Photography: Shadow Designz

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