Classify Beauty was originally a blog created by myself (@iambrittneycc). I am a all around style, fashion, and beauty lover. Fashion, style, and beauty is a way for me to express myself in a artistic manner. Classify Beauty has since experienced a huge growth. It has developed into a brand as I celebrate the launch of Classify Beauty Lab (offering hairstyling, makeup application, and fashion styling services), Classify Beauty Crown (custom wig units), Classify Beauty Closet (shoe and clothing collection), Classify Beauty Claws (press on nails), Classify Beauty Cosmetics (makeup line), and Classify Beauty Merch (branded merchandise.) This growth has been well overdue as I share my talents, passion, and insight with the world.

Classify Beauty's Blog is dedicated to bringing any and everything beauty to your fingertips. The latest fashion, hair, and makeup trends along with my personal style are highlighted on a regular basis. It is designed to empower women (like myself) of diversity who are classy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin; women who inspire others, and women who are beautiful inside and out.

Since I got started as a blogger back in 2017, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I was selected as an official delegate for the 2019 Miss Florida USA pageant. I am the Ms. Treasure Coast Title holder and I competed in the Ms. Florida pageant. Most recently I was selected to compete in the Ms. World Pageant as the Ms. Petite Florida contestant.

I have collaborated with a host of style influencers and bloggers.


I have a variety of press features such as: Shoutout Miami, Voyage MIA, We Think Loud, MCCoy's News, and Mirror Jamaica.