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Showered with love

First off thank you all for taking the time out to read my last post which inspired me to write this post. Anyways here we go...

Often outsiders will come into your life and make things that were never an issue become an issue and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to indulge in their negativity.

There was always someone asking my husband and I “when are you guys gonna have a baby” and sometimes telling us when we should have a baby. It wasn’t long before I realized that people were making plans for us that we weren’t quite making yet and I would allow their often cruel comments to get to me. One day I finally said to myself, Why am I letting this get to me when my husband and I hadn’t even have that conversation past just wanting to have kids one day? I mean I get it, when you are happily married that’s kind of what people expect. But what they don’t understand is that man does not create timing God does.

I guess the next question will be, “when are you guys gonna have a boy.” This is just a reminder that people will downplay everything you have going on and your happiness as if it’s 1 a joke or 2 if you have any control whatsoever on that aspect of your life called nature. I am just grateful that I’ve had a healthy pregnancy and that my baby girl is as healthy as can be. You can’t steal my joy and I wont allow you to.

If you are a person that does that please take into consideration what others might be going through that you may not necessarily know about. Then again there are people out there who may not want kids or may not want to ever get married, the list goes on and that’s perfectly fine. Did it ever occur to you that it may not be apart of their plan? Did it ever occur to you that someone might be going through a difficult time or worst case a medical issue. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. One thing about them tables they do turn and we all know about that b**** karma. No two people are the same. Focus on your life and the things you want to accomplish. Find your purpose. Try to encourage rather than impose.

We weren’t necessarily trying to have a baby when I conceived. Neither am I saying we were not ready to but I do believe that it happened the best time it could possibly happen being that we are both mentally/emotionally ready and financially stable. We are the best version of ourselves and our union so there is no other time.

Though I’ve always planned everything in life and set goals as far as marriage, education, stable life, then baby I want you to know that it does not matter the order in life things happen for you what matters is that you are being true to yourself. Being a single mom makes you no less of a person or mother. My mom was a single mom after being with and married to my dad for years. You may not have had the opportunity to get the degree you’ve always dreamed of having or find that dream job you’ve always wanted because of sacrifices you’ve had to make. That does not make any one better than you. We are all here working toward 1 common goal.

My husband and I were fortunate to now experience parenthood, though there were some bumps in the road but others might not have it as easy for various reason(s). Whether you are struggling to have a baby or struggling with something else. If you are that person "Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going". Sam Levenson- Don’t give up! God has a plan for your life and he moves mountains. No man or doctor can say no when God says yes. As my sister would say “Everything in life just takes time.”

Another thing I know that when we see other expecting moms or other things that might be happening for someone else that may trigger us to go ahead and make certain decisions in life. It is ok to be motivated. But what I will say is that it is best to do things and make life changing decisions because you are truly ready. Not because it looks cute... “Today for you tomorrow for me” and I mean this in both a direct and a indirect way.

Ok, enough of that. I must say that I really enjoyed my baby shower. Thanks to everyone that participated in making sure our welcoming of our bundle of joy was special! Hubby and I really appreciate it. Special thanks to my sister for making sure that everything went as planned. From the decor, to hosting it, to just being there every step of the way. Thanks to everyone who participated in any way. Thanks to my guest both in attendance and absence for the gifts and encouraging words. We love and appreciate you all.

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The journey continues! I hope this post encourages someone! Let me know below your thoughts on this week’s post or just share your experiences.

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