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Shuffle the deck, she is queen of all things! Queen ina deh pack.

The moment we've all been waiting for. I've been anticipating this blog post all week. The Diamond and Dice Gala was by far my favorite event of all events hosted by the #MsFlorida #USContinentalPageant for more reasons than one.

This event was one of the only event open to the public besides the pageant so I was super happy that the king could accompany the queen. Socializing with the other contestants was a plus. The food was good and who doesn't enjoy playing poker.

Aside from all the above mentioned I was super excited about this event for the fashion aspect of it. As you know pageant girl generally dress simple but still chic with minimal accessories other than earrings. To be honest I had to tone down a bit as it pertains to fashion and beauty. As they say "when in Rome, do as the Roman's do." However I remained true to myself and I did what I am know to do: Slay! Anyway, I loved the theme Diamond and Dice so I was really excited to put together this look.

Thank you guys for sticking through me flooding your timeline with blog post everyday. Stay tuned for my vlogs featuring footage from my journey to the crown.

Enjoy these in the moment images. As you can see I changed my earring to black heart shaped nubs just for the theme.

Hubby and I. King and Queen Things!

Selfie with my king.

Ladies man! lol

Hubby and I at the poker table. We lost all our coins. lol

Hubby and I posing with Mrs Emerald Coast.

Yours truly Ms. Treasure Coast with Ms. South East Florida and Ms. Virginia (My Birthday Twin.)

Ms. Virginia, Ms. South Central Florida and myself.

Chatting it up with Mrs. Wisconsin and the new Mrs. US Continental.

One time for the group shot.

Some of the girls.

Feel the love.

Thank you all for taking the time out to read my blog post. I really appreciate your support. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media handles in the footer below. Don’t forget to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. What are your thoughts on this week’s look?

Sitting pretty.

Still sitting pretty.


Let's get into the look. Check out the #ShopTheLook feature below for details on where I purchased these items, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the images or detail texts for direct links to each item.


Dress: AliExpress

Heels: Amazon

Clutch: Amazon

Earring: Amazon


Wardrobe Stylist: Classify Beauty


Custom Wig: Classify Beauty Crown

Hairstylist (Wig Installation and Styling): Classify Beauty Lab

Makeup Artist: Classify Beauty Lab

Photography and Graphics: Shadow Designz

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