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The Secret

There are times where nail art is a must. But there are times you just can't make it to the nail salon. What do you do in the event that that happens? Press On Nails. I did not get into press on until I was pregnant because the smell of a nail salon would make me nauseous. oPrior to that I wasn't a fan of them because I felt like they didn't work. I also did not like the traditional square shape that they origionally made. I love #CoffinNails and prior to that trend I wore #StilettoNails. So I was excited when they started making stiletto shaped and eventually coffin shaped. My interest in press ons carried over until I gave birth. Having long nails while nursing and taking care of a new born is not recommended. Now I don't use press ons as often as I did then but I do on occasions.


The Benefits

They are super convenient. I would recommend it to working moms and just anyone with whom may not have the time to do so. It is less time consuming. Sometimes I just don't have the time to go to the salon because of my busy schedule. No need to worry about smudging your nails. No need to worry about the paint job fading. Not to mention those times when an event pops up out the woodwork and you need your nails to look the part. My influencers know this all too well. It is right up the alley of content creators who like to bring different looks on a regular basis. I must say it is inexpensive as well. Most importantly, it is healthier for your nails and it does not damage your natural nails


Nail Application

Check out my press on nail application video below.


Press On Compilation

Check out these images featuring a variety of press on nails I've worn over time.


Shop The Product

Check out the #ShopTheProduct feature below for details on where I purchased these items, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the images or detail texts for direct links to each item. Family Dollar was the only store open at the time of purchase but usually I get my press ons from Walgreens because it is close to my house. Please note that press on nails can be purchased at any drug store.



L.A. Colors Nail Kit: Family Dollar

In the video I am using L.A. Colors. It was my first time wearing that brand. I usually wear the Kiss brand because they are a bit longer but I had to settle because the store I usually go to was not open. I would suggest playing around with different brands to find the one that closely matches your preference as well as the length and width of your fingers.



Thank you all for taking the time out to read my blog post. I hope my post meets your nail art needs. Don’t forget to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on Press On Nails. Become a member and subscribe to my website for updates. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media handles in the footer below.

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