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I always get tones of questions about makeup so I figured why not answer all of your questions through a detailed blog post. I will include skincare, a tutorial, my routine, makeup looks, products I use, and where to purchase those products.



Before makeup application, apply your normal skincare regimen. When applying makeup, I highly suggest ensuring you are aware of your skin type. The products you use as well as your routine should be tailored to your skin care regimen as well as your skin type and its characteristics. It took me a long time to figure out what products work best for me. For example, I have oily skin and perspiration. The makeup I use especially foundation should control the oil and minimize perspiration for longer wear and for my makeup to be flawless and seamless. After tons of research and trying a variety of products and brands I found what works and I’m sure it’s subject to change as time goes by. I purchase my makeup products from ultra, occasionally from a local drug store, MAC, and other relevant cosmetic websites.



Enjoy my full face makeup tutorial!



Prime entire face.

Fill in brow to natural shape using dark brown eyeliner pencil.

Use concealer and angled brush to clean up brows and blend well.

Apply concealer to highlight areas and using a beauty blender sponge or paint foundation brush to blend well.

Apply liquid foundation using a paint foundation brush and blend well.

Apply a little powder foundation using a powder foundation brush and blend well.

Apply glow foundation to highlighted areas using powder foundation brush and bake.

Apply eyeshadow using shadow brush.

Blend glow foundation well using powder foundation brush.

Apply darker foundation to contour areas and blend well with contour brush.

Apply mascara.

Apply eyeliner under eye and above eyelid.

Apply lashes.

Apply lipstick.

Spray entire face with setting spray.



Full Glam

Full glam is very universal. My brows are defined. My eye makeup is created with a variety of colors. I use the cut crease method on occasion. I first apply and blend a transition color. I then used the color of my choice and tap it on my eyelid. After-which I add the relevant color at the outer part of my eyelids. The highlight of my face act as a accent and emphasis for the areas where the light hits. Those areas are my forehead, my under eye, below my cheeks, my chin, the tip of my nose, and above my mouth. The contour adds definition and shaping to my nose, upper forehead, chin, and cheeks. I used a nude lipstick majority of the time to tone down the entire look.

Smokey Eye



Soft Glam

Soft glam can be worn for any occasion whether it be formal or not. My brows are very natural. This eye makeup is created with a blend of shadows. I used the cut crease method on occasion. The highlight of my face act as a accent and emphasis for the areas where the light hits. The contour adds definition and shaping face. I tend to use lipgloss for these looks. It adds some warmth to the entire makeup artistry.



Check out the #ShopTheProduct feature below for details on the products I used, where I purchased these items, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the images or detail texts for direct links to each item. All of my Classify Beauty brand products can be purchased directly from this blog post by clicking the buy now button


Brow Pencil: Makeup She

Concealer: LA Girl


Metallic Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow: Classify Beauty Cosmetics

Eye Shadow Palette: Amazon

Liquid Liner: Cover Girl


Lashes: Kiss

Mascara: LA Colors


Primer: MAC

Liquid Foundation: LoREAL

Powder Foundation: Maybelline

Concealer: Black Radiance

Setting Powder: Black Radiance

Contour Kit: Profusion

Highlighter: Black Radiance

Setting Spray: MAC

Brush Set: Conair


Lipstick: MAC



Thank you all for taking the time out to read my blog post. I hope my post was helpful to all my makeup lovers. Don’t forget to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Become a member and subscribe to my website for updates. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media handles in the footer below.



Custom Wigs: Classify Beauty Crown

Hairstylist: Classify Beauty Lab

Makeup Artist: Classify Beauty Lab



Photography and edits: Shadow Designz

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