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It's been an amazing start to the year for Classify Beauty. We booked our first full glam service of the year with our amazing client. I’m hoping to stay booked and busy for the rest of the year.


Dirty Thirty

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday Yanique. #DirtyThirty . You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs, and happiness. I am so proud of you. May God shower you with blessings today and always. It was my pleasure working with you to bring your vision to light. Thank you for entrusting me to provide you services for this special occasion. You are family. Words can't explain how encouraging and supportive you have been ever since the very beginning of me launching this brand and I am grateful for you for that. Continue to grow and glow!


Our Services

Our full glam services on this beauty included: Wig Installation/Styling, Makeup Application, and Wardrobe Styling.

When my client inquired about services for her birthday photoshoot I was super excited because this has been my vision for my brand. A one stop to style, fashion, and beauty through products, services, and insight. To see it all come together is bitter sweet. I ensured that my client was comfortable but still open to step out of her comfort zone all while still remaining confident. As you can see she is a natural. She is the full package and she delivered. I could not have been more pleased.

Thank you to my photography partner Shadow Designz for your splendid work per usual. You definitely stepped into creative director mode as well.

What are you waiting for? Book Classify Beauty Lab for your next special occasion, photoshoot, or editorial for all your fashion and beauty needs. While you're at it book Shadow Designz for all your photography, videography, and graphic design needs.

There were so many great shot. The selection process was so hard. So enjoy the rest of the photos from this amazing shoot and again Happy Birthday Gorgeous.



It’s time to get into this look. Check out the #ShopTheLook feature below for details on where these items were purchased, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the images or detail texts for direct links to each item.



#Bralete: Lingerie section in any store



Wardrobe Stylist: Classify Beauty Lab

Hairstylist (Wig Installation and Styling): Classify Beauty Lab

Makeup Artist: Classify Beauty Lab



Thanks to non other than Shadow Designz for your continuous work.



Thank you all for taking the time out to read this week's blog post. Don’t forget to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on my client’s complete glam? Did we nail this look? Become a member and subscribe to my website for updates. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media handles in the footer below: @iambrittneycc and @classifybeauty .

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