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Have you ever been so wrapped up and tied up in yourself that you don’t see negativity? I know what your asking. ”Isn’t it a bit selfish to be tied up in yourself?” The answer is no. Though you have to think about others, it is ok to be selfish at times. You don’t want to be so indulged in what everyone else around you has going on that you forget about yourself and the things you have going on. You don’t want to be so caught up in perfecting someone else’s craft that you forget about what makes you different, unique, and authentic. You don't want to be so caught up in acquiring someone else’s life that your forget about what sets you apart from the rest. Be yourself.

“If you want to miss your crown, follow the crowd. If you want to wear the crown, go alone and be yourself.”

On Wednesday I was just scrolling through my emails as I often do to keep up with my daily inquiries. Anyways, much to my surprise I get an email from Miss Florida USA. The email read “Congratulations Brittney! you’ve been selected as an Official Delegate for the 2019 Miss Florida USA! As part of the selection process, you will be awarded a hometown title.“ Yes you read right, your girl will officially represent her hometown. I guess you can say I became a public figure over night. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be selected to represent my hometown in the Miss Florida USA #BeautyPageant. This is so surreal not to mention beyond my wildest dreams. Such a great start to my 4th of July Holiday. By the way that’s my husband‘s birthday. Happy Birthday Baby. Enough about him.

Beauty Queen

I am beyond blessed and whatever the outcome I am grateful to even be considered among other beautiful and talented young women. And if all goes well I will advance to the Miss USA competition. Can i get a yasssssss!!! for this #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackExcellence. #MyBlackIsBeautiful! I can now add #BeautyQueen to my resume. This is why I do what I do and this is why I embarked on this #ClassifyBeauty journey.

I Classify Beauty! #BlackGirlMagic #BlackExcellence #MyBlackIsBeautiful

I want to thank the committee for believing in me. But I want to point out that it always starts with believing in yourself first. And this is proof that whatever you set out to accomplish you can and will achieve it so long as you remain humble, grateful, and you put in the work. I also want to thank my supporters for rocking with me. You might be few in number but as I’ve always said and will always say I’ll take “Quality Over Quantity“ any day. And let me say this sometimes you have to move in silence because negativity can block your blessings. God has been good and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to me that will steal my joy.

Moving In Silence

I think this is the perfect time for me to get the ball rolling on my Vlogs. Be sure to follow me on my journey to the #crown. Go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube Channel:

"My crown may tilt but it'll never fall off."

Don't forget to check out the #ShopTheLook feature below for details on this look.

I can’t finish this post without wishing baby girl a Happy 3 Months. You are the greatest gift. You’ve been such a blessing to our family. I love you.

The Queen and Her Princess




Hairstylist and MUA: Yours Truly

Hair and Makeup

Gold Jewelry: Rainbow

Gold Clutch Purse: Amazon

Gold Block Heel: Charlotte Rouse

Yellow Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit: Amazon



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