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It is my Brand Anniversary.

6 years ago I started my blog Classify Beauty. I went out for valentines dinner and took photos. Those photos was used to launch my blog and post.

6 years later Classify Beauty is now a brand. What better way to celebrate than to bring to you my valentines dinner date look. Oh and by the way, Classify Beauty will be a household name.

About the BRAND

Classify Beauty was originally a blog created by myself (@iambrittneycc). I am a all around style, fashion, and beauty lover. Fashion, style, and beauty is a way for me to express myself in a artistic manner. I wear many hats through my brand: shoe and fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, beautician, and influencer to name a few. Classify Beauty has experienced a huge growth. It has developed into a brand offering a variety of products and services. This growth has been well overdue as I share my talents, passion, and insight with the world.



I will showcase a few products and services here. Full scope of what we offer can be found using the shop and book tabs in the header and footer of our website.

One Stop Fashion and Beauty Products

Classify Beauty Closet: Clothing and Shoes I design

Classify Beauty Crown: Custom Wigs Made by Me

Classify Beauty Cosmetics: Makeup Line

Classify Beauty Claws: Press On Nails Collection

Classify Beauty March: Branded Merchandise


One Stop Hair, Makeup, and Styling Services

Classify Beauty Lab

Hair Styling

Makeup Application

Wardrobe Styling



Classify Beauty's Blog is dedicated to bringing any and everything beauty to your fingertips. The latest fashion, hair, and makeup trends along with my personal style are highlighted on a regular basis. It is designed to empower women (like myself) of diversity who are classy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin; women who inspire others, and women who are beautiful inside and out. All Blog Posts can be found on the Classify Beauty Blog. I cover topics on style, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.



Since I got started as a blogger back in 2017, I have found such a sense of fulfillment. I was selected as an official delegate for the 2019 Miss Florida USA pageant. I am the Ms. Treasure Coast Title holder and I competed in the Ms. Florida pageant. I was also selected to compete in the Ms. World Pageant as the Ms. Petite Florida contestant.

I have collaborated and partnered with other brands, influencers, and bloggers.

I have a variety of press features such as: Shoutout Miami, Voyage MIA, We Think Loud, MCCoy's News, Mirror Jamaica, Florida Atlantic University, and various social media platform.



Check out #ShopTheLook and #OutfitDetails below for details on where I purchased these items, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the detail texts and/or images for direct links to each item. You can also access my Like To Know It for exact and similar items to achieve this look. All of my Classify Beauty brand products can be purchased directly from this blog post by clicking the buy now button.



Purse: DDs Discount

Necklace: Gifted, Pendant: Amazon

Earrings: Gifted

Watch: Apple



All of my Classify Beauty brand products can be purchased directly from this blog post by clicking the buy now button and services can be booked directly from this blog post by clicking the book now button.

Custom Wig: Classify Beauty Crown

Hair Styling, Makeup Application, Wardrobe Styling: Classify Beauty Lab

Metallic Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow: Classify Beauty Cosmetics



Shadow Designz (@shadow_designz ,



Thank you all for taking the time out to read my blog post. Don’t forget to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on this week's look. Shop our products. Book our services. Become a member and subscribe to my website for updates. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media handles in the footer below: @iambrittneycc and @classifybeauty on all social media platforms.

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