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You get a text at the last minute inviting you to an event. You have not prepared and when I say that I mean there is absolutely nothing in your closet though there is a plethora of clothing. Contradicting right? But if you are like me, you always want to rock a new outfit for every event or occasion. A problem many of us have. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching pieces you already have. #ShopYourCloset

Back to the story. Did I mention that the event's start time is the exact time you shift ends at work and you have to drive a half hour to home. So you get home, you are in a rush and you have to do a full face beat. Ladies I know you know what I'm talking about. So your out the shower, you do a rushed makeup and thank God for wigs, you can look fierce in minutes. Now the part that I am picky about. It's time to figure out what outfit you would like to wear. With the event closing time near, you have no time to think so you grab the first thing that meets the eye.

As you can see that spontaneity payed off. I look well put together. This look is #classy yet chic and edgy. It is the true definition of my personal style.

The 3 years old formal blazer (You heard right) adds a flair of class while the jumpsuit adds a mellow feel to the entire look. Might I add that I have had this jumpsuit for 7 years. The pump adds a edge of uniqueness as well as caters to this current winter whether. The purse, gold jewelry, and gold chain belt adds just enough extra touch bringing this look to one.

To be honest as I know myself to be. Working under pressure gives me the best result. I say this to say that, sometimes its best to just be spontaneous. Go out on a limb of faith. And its hard for me to say that because often I find myself over analyzing everything.

Everything I do has to be planned. It has to make sense. I have to see the benefits in every decision. If the risk is too high, forget about it. I wont pursue it. This week's fashion look taught me a valuable lesson in life. Could you believe that? Moral of the story is that you should live a little. No need to be too rehearsed, because it is then that you are truly living a meaningful life.

Enough about me, be on the look out for #ClassifyBeauty 's very own clothing and merchandise collection #ClassifyMe. In honor of #ClassifyBeauty's 1 year anniversary the launch will be in 2018.


Blazer: JC Penny

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Shoes: Burlington

Purse: Burlington

Jewelry: Forever 21

Chain belt: Forever 21

Photography: Shadow Designz

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Classify Beauty
Classify Beauty
15 בדצמ׳ 2017

Thank you


Ann Marie Scott-Campbell
Ann Marie Scott-Campbell
15 בדצמ׳ 2017

Just fabulous

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