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As you may or may not already know. I am a new mom. Its been 6 weeks and I am loving every moment. With that being said I’m officially in #Snapback mode. With summer right around the corner I guess you can say time is of the essence. I have yet to start on my diet and exercise routine but I’m pleased with the baby weight lost I’ve had so far. Now lets get to it.

Prom season is in full effect. The prom fashion thus far has been something to talk about. Its only right that I do a blog post following the most prominent time in fashion history. Not only that but my students asked me a few weeks ago if I will be attending their senior prom but with the baby only being a few weeks old I knew that was out the window.

I’ve had this dress for almost two years. I wore it to my birthday dinner back in September of 2016. With the rush of my birthday dinner I was not able to take any pictures in this dress. Can you believe that? With that behind said, there is no need for me to purchase a expensive prom dress to fulfill this blog post when I have this beauty sitting in my closet. Trust me I know a thing or two about the splurge.

It was my senior prom in 2010 and I was ready to go all out like I’ve never done before. After much search and prom a few weeks away I purchased a dress that need less say I was not in love with. Yes I said it, I payed $200 for a prom dress I did not like. I even contemplated not attending prom. But with it being my senior year and the only year that I enjoyed high school a bit I told myself that I had to go. Fast forward to 3 days before prom my mom was making a store run to Ross. She told me to accompany her to the store because I just might find a dress there. I said to her I’m not coming. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Ross. I’ve actually done quite a bit of shopping there but it was not a place I had imagined finding a bomb ass prom dress. Anyways, I found a prom dress for $30 that I loved. I end up wearing that dress and I’m glad I listened to my mom. This is a prime example why you don’t need to bread the bank on clothing.

Prom is that time where you get to #dress up no rules apply. As oppose to the popular saying “dress to impress,” I say “dress to express.” Express your personality and your personal style. Dare to be different all while staying true to yourself, what makes you comfortable, and what is flattering to you.

I’m all about budgeting. You are sure to ball on a budget in something like this. See outfit details and my new shop the look feature below for price details. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this look. Be sure to follow me on all social media platforms.


Dress: Amazon

Jewelry: Rainbow

MUA: Yours truly

Custom Wig, Installation, and Styling: Yours truly


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