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When I originally heard of the #DenimAndPearlsBrunch I attended over the weekend I was super excited. Excited that not only I get to play dress up but also what it stood for #WomanImpowerment.

Highlight Poppin! Makeup by yours truly.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Clutch Purse and Pearl Bracelets

Wig, Denim Pearl Dress, and Denim Jacket Dress

Denim and Pearl Heel

Often times we want to be empowered by others but lack the ability to be show the same gratitude. I say this in the most humble way that I've been at my lowest some of which I've already shared with you. This makes me appreciate my come up, where I am today, and the things I've accomplished. Until you've been through some things you will continue to take life and the people of significance for granted.

Now back to playing dress up. When I decided to attend the event I did not want to go for the traditional #DenimOnDenim look for the simple fact that its a bit predictable. But when there was a delivery issue with the outfit I intended to wear I had to put two and two together. (From #ClassifyCloset.) No pressure right? Well this was the outcome. I guess you can call this one #DenimOnDenimOnDenim. No worries though I will be featuring the other outfit really soon.

You may or may not have noticed that I usually wear clothing that covers my legs. Well let me be the first to tell you that for the past 2 years I've been insecure about my legs. My legs have always been one of my best assets and at one point I enjoyed wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts. I know what your thinking. "Hot gal nuh insecure bout nothing." Well I'm here to tell you that at some point we've all been insecure about something. Whether it was for a short time or long term. With that being said, It takes a strong and real woman to tell you about their insecurities. I'm that strong woman and I'm here to tell you all about mine.

As I've shared with you prior I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2015. One of the very visible symptoms was eczema on my legs below my knees. Leaving me with dark scaring. It is not perfect. But it has gotten way better. So I finally gathered the courage to show my legs in a public setting. Everyday, I count my blessing for overcoming this insecurity. And when I say #BabyGirl left me with a glow I mean that. Ever since my pregnancy, for the first time in 2 years my thyroid levels are good and I’ve seen a change in the visible symptoms.

Moral of the story: There’s a lot to give thanks for. I am here for the growth. However, I have a long way to go.

Be sure to check out the #ShopTheLook feature below for details on where I purchased these items.



Denim and Pearl Dress: Amazon

Denim Jacket Dress: (Gifted) Amazon

Pearl Clutch Purse: Amazon

Denim and Pearl Heel: Amazon

Pearl Necklace, Earring, and Bracelet Set: Bealls Outlet

Hairstylist: Yours Truly

Makeup Artist: Yours Truly


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