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Pageant hair and makeup done by yours truly.

When I first saw our #OpeningNumber outfit that the #MsFlorida #USContinental #Pageant had selected for all the contestants to wear I immediately fell in love with it. You all know how much I love jumpsuits. I mean the design and everything is so me.

It is definitely a statement piece. Its bold. It’s elegant and classy but edgy at the same time. As I promised I have a series of blog and blog posts including this one that I will publish that documents my journey to the crown.

Most of my clothing I had for pageant was sponsored and gifted but I will try my best to include where all items are purchased. This one in particular was selected by the pageant. But lucky for you I’ve provided the link below.

Dressing room chronicles

Dressing room chronicles. As you can see I changed my necklace before I went on stage.

With that being said, check out the #ShopTheLook feature below for details on where I purchased these items, its direct links, and pricing details. You may click on the images or detail texts for direct links to each item.


Heels: MVE Shoes

Necklace and Earring Set (Gifted): Burlington

Necklace and Earring Set: Amazon


Wardrobe Stylist: Classify Beauty


Custom Wig: Classify Beauty Crown

Hairstylist (Wig Installation and Styling): Classify Beauty Lab

Makeup Artist: Classify Beauty Lab

Photography and Graphics: Shadow Designz

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